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We offer used dozers in Moscow from well-known manufacturers of special machinery Komatsu and Caterpillar. Each equipment is in perfect technical condition.

Dozer is one of the most in demand at the beginning of construction work. With their help they move the soil inside the construction site, and also organize embankments, dumps or dams. The presented dozers have the maximum traction and can be used for work of any complexity.

Komatsu dozers are designed for work in mining, used in the construction of various facilities, as well as in mining.

Komatsu dozers have a high level of performance. A distinctive feature of Komatsu dozers is a reduction in fuel consumption and an increase in efficiency is due to a new automatic gear shift. The monitor panel allows you to easily switch the operating mode depending on the type of work performed. The engine fan speed is controlled and depends on the hydraulic oil and engine coolant. This system reduces noise and requires less power. New integrated cabs reduce noise and vibration for operators and prevent dust from entering the cab.
Caterpillar dozers are designed to carry out works in the field of construction and mining, carry out the functions of moving cargo, cutting the seams, leveling the construction sites, also dozers are designed to carry out quarry performing.
The excavators allow you to move more material in less time, which will help you get a quick payback of your investment in equipment. The new 4-speed gearbox allows operators to achieve optimum performance and efficiency when performing work.

Used dozers are supplied by our company directly from the USA and South America.
# Изображение Country Production year Статус Working hours Место Quantity Price
31 KOMATSU D65EX-16 Japan 2013 STOCK 5255 PERU
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32 KOMATSU D65EX-16 Japan 2013 STOCK 2338 PERU
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